Materials Lists for Courses

Please check to see if the course(s) you are registering for have a materials list on this page or if a kit will be provided by the instructor which will be paid for in advance as part of your registration fee.


 From Quilt Top to Quilt -Machine Quilting Basics                      © Ionne McCauley

One day class for beginners

Supply List 

·         Sewing machine with: extra bobbins, manual/instruction book, regular and quarter-inch presser feet and walking or even feed foot, and free-motion quilting foot.

·         Cleaning brush for sewing machine- if you don't have one- buy a fluffy artist's paintbrush or a long-handed fluffy cosmetic brush. 

·         Extension cord

·         Pencil and paper 

·         Masking tape

·         Scissors, seam ripper, straight pins and 6” or 6½” square ruler (any ruler -to draw straight lines)

·         About thirty or so 1”- 1 ½” safety pins for basting

·         Machine quilting gloves- a suggested brand is “Machingers”

·         Sewing machine needles- Quilting 75/11,  Jeans/Denim 70/11 or 80/12, or Universal 70/11 or 80/12.  Please do not bring large needles- 100/16 are large.

·         Cotton threads, (50/2 ply or 50/3 ply -regular sewing thread), in 2 slightly different colours (not black). Suggested brands are Mettler, Gutermann, Superior Masterpiece. Please make sure they really are cotton threads- it should say so on the spool. Metrosene is NOT cotton.

·         King Tut quilting thread is also acceptable- it is 40/3 ply made by Superior Threads. You will need Topstitch 90/14 needles for this thread.

·         Eight 14” squares each of muslin or white solid (not a print) cotton quilting fabric, cotton type batting- (not polyester!) and cotton fabric for backing. Please have these cut to this size before class (there is no need to serge or sew the edges together). Please use quilter's cotton fabrics only for these samples- old sheets and other fabrics do not work and will cause you unnecessary problems during class.

·         Printed fabric or panel about 12” -14” square plus batting and backing the same size. The motifs should be fairly large- you will be free-motion quilting around them.

·         Washable/removable marking pencil for fabric or chalk pencil/wheel or washout marker.

·         Permanent fine point pen or ballpoint pen for making notes on the fabric samples.

Suzanne Cannon

Bring pencil, ruler, scissors, and a glue stick and your reading glasses if you need them. 

Cynthia Minden                                                                                                                                                       

All weaving materials included in kit fee

Participants need to bring:
sharp hand held pruning shears 
an old towel
a dish pan or bucket for soaking reeds

an awl if you have one

Paddy O'Connell


Sussanna Czeranko
Bring two old towels, a hand towel, an old pillow case, an apron & a plastic bag. Kit fee covers all materials.

Christine O'Neill

A $10 kit fee covers all materials needed for this class

Val Galvin
Please bring a pair of scissors for this class. The kit fee covers everything else.